Having Fun With Concrete

Wait…. did you read that right? Yes! It is possible to have a little bit of fun with concrete. I am not talking about going out and making ‘angels’ in freshly poured cement, well, unless you REALLY want to do something like that (which I do not recommend)! But there are some fun DIY projects you can do that can be fun for your entire family.


Let’s say that you make the decision to pour a new patio, a driveway, a family pool or a sidewalk. Maybe you purchased a new home and you are all looking for ways to make the first big project seem a little more personal. You can get crafty and after you pour the last area of your project, gather the family or all of your helpers for some fun. Have everyone place a shoe or hand into the wet concrete. You can set them from ‘largest to smallest,’ make a design, or have everyone pick their own spot. After you finish, you can then add names and the date with a stick or sharp utensil. Doing this to the concrete is a fun way to always look back on the day and remember the hard work you put into the project to make it more important to you.


Customization can be another fun thing you can do to really spruce up the dull, drabness of standard gray or white concrete. You can stamp it, color it, paint on it, or even epoxy it. If you have the idea in your head, it can be done. Let’s take a look at these suggestions, one at a time. Stamping is becoming increasingly popular these days. Rather than go with a standard, broom finished concrete, you now have the ability to add a sleek design or a combination of coloring and stamped design to give your project a major facelift.


Choosing colors that are smart to the project you are working on is the first consideration to make. The last thing you should want is to pick a color that does not complement what is around it – color of the house and trim, walls of a garage or interior color palettes. Stamping concrete is becoming a popular alternative to laying carpets or hardwood floors and can give an otherwise “industrial” feel to a home a unique and contemporary look. You can pick out a design that speaks to you and stamp it into the concrete. When you are done, coloring the concrete will give you a fresh look that will last for years to come.


Coloring your concrete is a way to add options to your color palette. When you customize your concrete with color, you are setting it apart from any other. For example, if you have a driveway that you just poured, you can stamp it with a ‘brick’ pattern and then you can color the concrete in reds, browns, or even yellow for all of you Wizard of Oz fans! (Follow the yellow brick road, right?) Adding splashes of color helps you to make your project look sharp and in most cases, authentic. Unless you were there for the pouring, stamping and coloring, you would never know the difference that it wasn’t bricks!

Check out this video to get a better grasp on coloring:


Painting on your concrete isn’t as widely used, but it more commonly found in school yards, playgrounds and artsy type people’s homes. This is where you would find painted suns with smiles and sunglasses, hopscotch squares, shuffleboard areas or even basketball courts. Who is to say you can’t do the same thing to your own driveway? If you have a basketball net, make your own half court; if you have small children, make a hopscotch area; or if you are an avid Corn-hole player, how about setting up a squared off area with Xs for players to stand on and placement of your boards? The sky is the limit… all you need is a paintbrush, some paint and a little bit of creativity.


Lastly, there is always the ability to Epoxy your concrete. This is especially common in garages or workshops where you would find “Man Caves” or “Show Motorcycles and Cars.” Folks who want to keep their prized possessions in a safe and beautiful resting place might choose to pour their concrete, paint it and then epoxy the handiwork, to keep it fresh and clean. A friend of mine’s husband was a big Harley Davidson fan. They painted his garage floor in Harley Davidson colors, complete with the logo in the middle of the floor, painted an epoxy on the floor and that is where he keeps his motorcycle.


When you want to be creative, a blank canvas like concrete can provide you just the answer you are looking for. And your finished project will be one that lasts for many years to come.

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