How Professional Builders Assemble a Shed

Building a wooden shed is a classic home improvement project. What’s more, at the end of your labors you will have a functional and very useful piece of garden storage equipment.

Building a shed is also a straightforward enough task that it can be a great starter project if perhaps you are not too experienced in building.

Whatever you reasons here is a quick guide to building a shed. By the way this guide assumes you have purchased a pre-made shed that has been delivered in sheets and just requires assembly.

Check the Shed

Pretty obvious but after delivery, ensure that all of the shed has been delivered  – i.e. walls, roof, rolled felt for the roof itself, etc. Most shed kits will also come with all fixtures and fittings like hinges, screws and nails so double check you have all of that before you begin.

Tool Check!

You won’t need the world’s most elaborate or well stocked tool box (my personal favorite to buy one is Home Depot) to build a shed – but you will need some equipment. A power drill is a must. Yes, you can probably build a shed with a screwdriver, but I would not recommend that unless you want some seriously aching wrists. You’ll also need:

  • A hammer
  • A level
  • Sharp crafting knife
  • Tape measure
  • Ruler or a straight edge
  • Pencil
  • Work platform/bench
  • A pair of gloves could help protect your hands from splinters
  • A helper / second person
  • A beer on ice (for when you’re finished – and maybe one for your helper)

Prepare the Shed

If your shed is delivered with travel blocks, start by removing these first of all. If you’ve never seen them these are small timber blocks screwed into the shed framing to prevent movement in transit.

Place your shed floor onto your selected base and measure and mark the center point of each outside edge. Follow this by marking the center point of each bottom batten.

Refer to for more preparation information and contact them for simple guides. Be sure to mention BBS if you call!

Begin Construction!

Always start with the back panel. Lift it into position and hold it there with a long timber or, much better, your helper. Screw the back panel onto one of the side panels then repeat this step with the other panel. Do Not attach the wall panels to the floor panel at this stage!

Screw on the final wall panel (the one with the door) to the side panels. Make sure the walls are well aligned and straight.

This step isn’t always the easiest, so if you need some advice, feel free to contact David at BM Builders Virginia Beach, he is a contributor and an outstanding builder in the Hampton Roads area.

Roof (Part 1)

The roof support beam goes across the center of the shed, attached by L shaped brackets at either end. Install this now.  It’s beginning to look like a shed!

Hang the door if the door panel does not come with it already installed. Ensure that it opens and closes smoothly. If it sticks, it means one of the walls is not aligned properly.

Roof (Part 2)

Lift the roof panels, one at a time, into place. Ensure they fit well and are aligned to the roof support beam and the shed walls. Secure with nails or screws, depending on wood type (the instruction sheet should specify this).

Attach the Floor

Finally, it’s time to screw the wall panels onto the floor panel, placing at least three screws into each wall panel/floor meeting point.

storage shed we constructed

Drink Beer

Step back, admire your shed and enjoy your beer (unless you’re underage of course).